Seafront damage is being monitored

CALLS have been made for checks on Felpham and Middleton seafronts to ensure they are safe.

Felpham parish councillor Mary Harvey said it was important the areas’ coastlines were assessed after the winter storms. She accepted the recent priority had been Pagham.

But the beaches to the east had also taken a battering from the strong winds and high tides which had shifted the shingle placed there 20 years ago.

“The sea wall at Felpham is now exposed. If it is eroded, it will get into a dangerous state. Felpham will be in serious trouble if that sea wall goes,” she said at last Friday’s Bognor Regis Civic Society meeting. “It’s very important the beach is re-instated as it was before the storms.”

Roger Spencer, Arun District Council’s principal coastal engineer, said regular inspections had yet to reveal any serious problems at Felpham.

“As is normal at this time of year, we will conduct a more thorough inspection following the high tides at the end of the month.

“At Middleton, we are aware of some damage. The process of undertaking these non-critical repairs has now begun.”