Scouts enjoy party with their own queen

Carol Sayers with some of the Beavers
Carol Sayers with some of the Beavers

DIAMOND Jubilee celebrations by Felpham and Middleton-on-Sea Beaver Scouts continued even though the Queen was unable to attend.

The lack of Her Majesty’s presence at the street parties at the Beavers’ headquarters because of her prior commitments was barely noticed thanks to the presence of her stand-in.

‘Queen’ Granny Beaver, known to her family as Carol Sayers, provided a suitably regal appearance at the events to the delight of all those who attended. All the Beavers and their families enjoyed the street parties arranged in the Queen’s honour.

At the end of the evening, at Middleton, ‘Queen’ Granny Beaver was invited to present merit badges to a number of the Beavers to round off a successful evening. Mrs Sayers has had a long association with the Scout movement in the area.