Scientific whizzes shine on first go

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YOUNG scientists from a Bognor Regis school have come top of their class.

The team of 12 and 13 year olds took on the other southern schools in United Learning’s 30-plus strong network and won at their first attempt.

Their prize was a butterfly house and a large trophy.

The complex, scientific challenge was to produce a presentation based upon human impact on our planet.

Year-8 students Erica Stone, Connie Edgington, Yazmine Lane, Amelia Simpson, George Hume and Connor Shergold triumphed because of their collaborative working and productivity.

They were also commended for the way they linked ideas to what they had learnt about global issues on the day of the challenge.

Amelia Simpson said: “We completed many exciting practicals which enabled us to understand climate change in more detail.”

Yazmine Lane said: “It was a great day and we even got to se a scanning electron microscope to solve the ‘mystery insect’ part of the project.”

This took place at Hampshire Collegiate College where the challenge was staged.

The students produced electron micrographs and completed analysis of plastics and soil samples to complement their preliminary research at school under the guidance of science team leader Jennie Dean.

The challenge ended with a lecture by a professor from Southampton University.

The Regis School’s principal, David Jones, said: “This was a great opportunity to learn from a top academic and to use state of the art, scientific equipment.”