School team debates its way to a county success with great ideas


SPEAKERS at a Bognor Regis school have debated their way to the top.

The ten students from The Regis School clinched the title of West Sussex youth debating champions.

Their way with words defeated The Angmering School in the competition’s final at County Hall.

Jemma Shepherd, 15, said: “The motions were extremely difficult. However, they gave us a chance to voice our opinions on different subjects.”

Debate captain Esme Picton, 15, said: “I really felt I benefited from the experience and I am looking forward to next year to, hopefully, repeat our success.”

The topics which had to be debated in the final were: ‘The Big Society is a realistic ideal’, ‘The Catholic church is irrelevant for young people’ and ‘The Finditour service is not a luxury but a necessity’.

The driving force behind the debating team is Samantha Mason, a team leader in English at the school.

“A huge amount of effort is required from students to begin to prepare for each round of the competition, such as writing speeches, finding research and really engaging with their side of the argument.

“In the final, our students showed exceptional team work, ensuring they were all able to contribute to the debate as well as respond confidently to the opposing team,” she said.