Scheme could be a well-come boost to fundraising

ROTARIANS in Bognor Regis want to install a wishing well along the seafront.

The town’s two Rotary Clubs have applied for planning permission to put the charity collecting feature on the south-west corner of Waterloo Square.

They have asked Arun District Council to approve their scheme for the 2m-wide diameter and 3m-high well.

A statement with the application says: “The development consists of a brick circular wishing well with timber structure supporting red cedar sawn shingles above.

“The layout of the wishing well will sit centre of the site to allow wheelchair access all around the well.

“The location is suitable for this type of novelty building which would sit comfortably with the seafront location.

“The wishing well will be maintained by the two Rotary Clubs of Bognor Regis.”

The well is intended to be sited opposite the former Pixie Hotel and next to the weather station.

Money donated in the well will be distributed by the clubs to charities.

The existing landscaping will be re-instated after the well has been built by using the slabs which have been moved during its construction.