Sam’s sculptures re-use frames

PICTURE frames have been turned into an art form by a Bognor Regis sculptor.

Samuel Lloyd’s first exhibition at the town’s cloudhopper gallery in the High Street until November 25 has continued his main idea of using collections of objects which have been previously used.

“My chosen materials are always items that have had a past life, which have now been discarded not just by one person but en masse because they have become obsolete or have outlived their owners’ needs,” he said.

“I have twisted the function of the picture frame from holding a snapshot of time, a memory, and transformed then into another living entity – a floating vessel for the enactment and play of distorted light through space.

“Everyone can relate to the objects I use as they have come from the modern home. You could go into any house and still see a version of these being used for their correct purpose.”

Samuel, 36, is a mature student in the final year of a BA degree in fine art at the University of Chichester where he has been studying for the past five years.

His latest exhibition follows his successes in the 2011 and 2012 Better Tomorrows recycling sculpture challenge which led him to show his work at Goodwood.