Rox began with single stage on prom

ROX has its origins in an impromptu stage set up on Bognor Regis seafront.

Music lover Steve Goodheart joined musician Terry Slade in 1990 to put up the temporary performing area on The Esplanade giving local bands the chance to play to an audience of 150. From there, Rox on the Prom was launched.

The festival has changed beyond all recognition but the underlying principle of providing a professional platform on which local performers can showcase their talents has stayed the same.

Mr Goodheart said: “It’s been amazing. The trip started with Terry Slade and me creating a pop-up venue on the prom.”

Rox has taken its fair share of knocks in the past 25 years and said goodbye to a few much-loved colleagues along the way.

But there is a fire that burns among the Rox crew and a passion that has shown itself on many occasions. Their dedication has ensured the show must go on.

As with all event organisers in the town, funding is a major issue which is getting tougher with more and more events being held.

“It’s great to see events happening in and around Bognor as they play an important part in boosting the town both in terms of the economy and the ‘feelgood’ factor for the community.

“However, there is only a certain amount of public and private funding to go around. So, it’s important to get the balance right.”

Tony Gardiner, Bognor’s town mayor, said: “Rox brings in an awful lot of people.

“It’s a fantastic effort. We, as the town council, can’t run everything and the more organisations that can the better it is for the town.”

Anyone who would like to get involved with Rox 25 should contact 01243 863319 or