Roads’ state is criticised by villager

A WALBERTON resident has criticised the village’s roads after she claims her son’s car was damaged by them.

Elizabeth Hall said he was driving his 12-year-old Honda Jazz along Barnham Lane when a wheel and tyre were wrecked by a pothole.

The tyre suffered a 14ins gash and the wheel needed re-balancing. But the 58-year-old’s attempt to reclaim the £87 cost of the repairs was rejected by the county council.

“The council say they inspected the road last September and everything was fine,” said Mrs Hall, 84, of Barnham Lane.

“But the pothole is about four to eight inches deep. My son went into it because he had to pull over into the middle of the road as a woman was walking in the road to avoid all the puddles.”

The incident happened last winter. His claim was rejected last week.

Mrs Hall said: “I can’t get anyone to speak to me about this or do anything about it.”

She claimed the road’s state meant it had could not have been inspected recently.