Residents stand up against 'nonsensical' Bognor apartment plans

Burnham Avenue, Bognor Regis. Picture via Google Maps
Burnham Avenue, Bognor Regis. Picture via Google Maps

A planning application for 22 new apartments in Bognor Regis has been called 'nonsensical' and 'unacceptable'.

The application (BR/49/19/OUT) outlines plans for 22 new one bed, two bed, and three bed apartments at 26 Burnham Avenue and dozens of residents have shared their fears over parking and flooding.



At the time of writing, 37 objections have been submitted, and zero 'no objections'.

"Despite the application stating that it is not liable to flooding, having walked past the plot on an almost daily basis for more than 20 years, I can confirm that standing water can often be seen on the site during wet weather," said resident Joe Mersey.

Paul and Jane Niblett of Devonshire Road said: "There are already sever parking pressures in Burnham Avenue, Devonshire Road and other adjacent roads. Without provision for parking for 22 apartments, this development is simply not practical for this area and should not be approved."

A decision is due on the application by June 17 and public comments are welcomed until April 27.

Retired teacher Nigel Lord has lived in the area for 22 years and said he was 'surprised' to hear about the plans. "I only heard about it on the grapevine. The space needs to be used but 22 flats is totally improper.

"Parking is already appalling and I'm concerned that looking at the planning application we would be looking out at rubbish bins. I don't want to sound anti people who live in flats — it tends not to be family people and we don't really want students because you get a lot of parties until all hours of the night," said Mr Lord.

Mr Lord also said he would suggest 'two or three' detached houses for the area.

"The other thing is it is a bit of a rat run so more traffic wont make it any better."

Another objector said: "This proposal is nonsensical. Buildings will be out of character for the immediate area. It won't benefit the immediate crowded area. Parking will become even more difficult. Unsuitable infrastructure. Feel very sorry for any future residents of this project."