Residents ‘left abandoned’ as bus ‘stops arriving’ at last stop

The final destination in Elmer Road
The final destination in Elmer Road

A disgruntled resident has shared his concern after buses on the 600 route to Elmer ‘stopped arriving’ at designated bus stops.

Former Felpham councillor, Graham Jones said many residents in the Elmer Sands area rely on the bus route to get to town and said that some drivers are ‘deciding for themselves’ where journeys end.

“Some of them are not too good on their feet and just can not walk to the post office stop, leaving them unable to make this journey.

“I have emailed Stagecoach about this but I have not had reply. Quite clearly Stagecoach do not care about the welfare of their customers. Many living

at Elmer Sands have been left abandoned.”

Mr Jones said that he had to let one person know that the ‘buses were not coming anymore’.

He said: “he was dressed in work clothing on his way to work. If I had not told him he would probably be late.”

A spokesman for Stagecoach said: “We have not been contacted directly by any customers regarding issues with the operation of the 600 route, however, we take matters such as these very seriously and will be conducting and internal investigation.”

They added: “We will of course take any necessary action to rectify any issues found.”