Residents asked to bring fresh ideas to Bognor’s regeneration debate

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Bog scenic 4''Bognor seafront ENGSNL00120110721111221

A RALLYING cry for residents to put forward their ideas for the future of Bognor Regis has been made.

Bognorian Andrew Clark has called on residents to put aside the politics and debate and come up with some fresh ideas for the town’s regeneration.

Mr Clark, of Hampshire Avenue, said: “St Modwen have walked, this is a chance for the residents to have a say, to come up with their ideas.

“At this point, this is not about politics or

debating the ideas, that will come later.

“What we need now is ideas. It doesn’t matter how big, how small, how expensive, how cheap how simple, how grandiose, how wacky, how pie in the sky we just need ideas.”

To help attract as many ideas as possible Mr Clark has set up a Facebook page to give residents an outlet for their thoughts.

“I almost want it to become like a database of ideas. At this point we are not interested in the costing and the finer details, it is just to find out what people want for Bognor.

“This is an apolitical, group. It has been set up completely independently of any local authorities and groups. It is all the residents having a chance to voice your idea,” said Mr Clark.

The Facebook page has been split into different posts asking for ideas on different sites in the town.

These include the Regis Centre site, out of town development, the pier, the seafront and the town centre.

Users have already been putting forward some ideas, but as Mr Clark is only interested in ideas and debate or negative comments are removed.

“This is supposed to be positive. We don’t want any ‘I don’t like this or that’. Each idea is as valid as the next. If you don’t like an idea than post your own.”

Those not on Facebook can submit their ideas on a piece of A4 paper and hand it into the Core Business Hub, 10 The Arcade.

Anyone doing this must include their name and contact details, by doing this you are consenting to your ideas being used.

Mr Clark said: “We are on a tight deadline of this. We will be setting a deadline for ideas of October 24.

“After this the next stage will be looking at the ideas and to start debating those to go forward.

“We want to have this done by Christmas as Arun have set a deadline of January for their planning application.”

Mr Clark decided to take action after attending Arun District Council’s full meeting on September 10.

As previously reported, St Modwen, Arun’s preferred developer, has pulled out of its plans for the Regis Centre and Hothamton sites. The district council has said it will carryout public consultation and has asked for ideas.

Mr Clark said: “I was sat at the meeting when the amendments were proposed. I know there is a lot of confusion over the wording and what the council will and will not be consulting on.

“Does the core elements mean the multiplex, flats and hotel?

“If so that is just the same as what we have had before, but If they are actually

taking about the core elements as the site then this is a

chance for residents to have their say not political wrangling.”