Residents are urged to make sure they can vote

RESIDENTS in Bognor Regis have been urged not to lose their right to vote.

The annual canvass to check the electoral register is up to date is just about to start.

From October 1 registration forms will be dropping through all 72,795 letters boxes across the district and householders are being urged to respond as quickly as possible.

Electoral registration officer and Arun’s chief executive Nigel Lynn said: “We always urge everyone to safeguard their right to vote by responding to their canvass form.

“Don’t think that you will be automatically registered if you pay council tax.”

People who are not on the register are not able to vote in local and national elections.

They may also find that they are refused credit on purchases or a mortgage, or refused a mobile phone contract as credit agencies use the electoral register to determine applications.

The forms ask you to confirm who lives at the address, and whether those living there would like to be excluded. It also asks residents to confirm those aged 16 or 17 living at the household.