Resident fears new Aldwick road scheme could prove fatal

ks171086-2 Bog Aldwick Sign  phot kate'The new Aldwick sign.ks171086-2 SUS-170910-185741008
ks171086-2 Bog Aldwick Sign phot kate'The new Aldwick sign.ks171086-2 SUS-170910-185741008

Fears have been expressed that new traffic calming measures in Aldwick could result in ‘injuries and death’.

In a letter to the Observer, resident Richard Ostler deemed the road changes ‘most absurd and potentially dangerous’.

In addition to highlighting the ‘ridiculous’ placing of the ‘eye-wateringly expensive’ signs – which say Aldwick but fall outside the parish boundary – Mr Ostler said the work has ‘created hazards’.

He wrote: “Perhaps the worst potential danger is that when cyclists and motorcyclists travel east within the ‘No Entry’ hatched nearside lane, there will be cars and lorries wanting to turn left into Silverston Avenue and having to do so from the outside lane, cutting across the nearside lane which will be used – solid white line or not.”

Mr Ostler also highlighted the lack of fluorescent paint or reflective material to act as a warning on the projections blocking the nearside lane.

A county council spokesman said the scheme had been implemented to answer concerns of residents and the parish council.

They said: “The signs are not intended to indicate the parish boundary but remind residents that they are entering a residential area of Aldwick and hence encourage a reduction of speed.

“Parish boundary signs are already in existence and this has not changed in any way.”

The spokesman said the council is confident the project ‘will have a positive effect on driver behaviour and will go some way to alleviating the concerns of people living nearby’.

“There is street lighting in this area and no change in the speed limit, so additional lighting is not required,” they said.

“However, just as with all similar projects, there will be a road safety audit of the finished scheme and any problems will be acted upon.”

Mr Ostler remained sceptical, however, and said the death and injury toll should be checked in 12 months – if the scheme even lasted that long.

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