Relaying a baton to Downing Street

James Stewart Grant
James Stewart Grant

A TRIP to Downing Street has seen children spreading a message of sportsmanship.

Children from Birdham and West Wittering primary schools and Edward Bryant School, in Bognor Regis, headed to Number 10 to relay an understanding of ‘the wider social benefits of respecting, supporting and encouraging others in their communities and on the playing field’.

A baton relay with the message started at Chichester’s Westgate Leisure Centre on June 6. Swimmers competed in a relay before handing batons to cyclists waiting poolside who headed off towards Bath as part of a tour around the country visiting schools and spreading the word.

President of Sportsmanship First charity Stephen Crossley said: “A recent survey stated that the majority of school children supported the removal of competition from school sport.

“Children who have been through the Sportsmanship First Lifeskills programme embrace competition, win or lose.

“Yesterday children and ultra athletes from Sportsmanship First went to Downing Street to pass on a baton sharing the message of Sportsmanship First to the prime minister.”

Many local schools are taking part in the drive, with the hope it can be expanded out to all schools in the UK. To find out more visit