Queen Elizabeth II approves of new garden in Aldwick - named after her

Royal approval has been given to a new public garden in Aldwick.

The Queen has told of her joy to hear about the project to transform an overgrown area into a community asset.

One of Her Majesty’s ladies-in-waiting, Susan Hussey, wrote last week: “The Queen was very pleased to hear about this impressive project and to see the selection of photographs which you enclosed.

“Her Majesty was touched by your kindness in wishing to name the area, The Diamond Jubilee Garden.”

The site, in Halnaker Gardens, was created by the Willowhale Farm Residents’ Association with help from the eco-warriors at Rose Green Infant School.

The garden’s creation was carried out by the association as a project to mark last summer’s Diamond Jubilee. Association founder Jon Bass sent details of the initiative to Buckingham Palace.

Mr Bass said: “It is a gorgeous letter from the Queen. I sent her about 12 photographs of children from the school planting bulbs in the garden.”

The garden was opened in June next to some allotments.

The group’s fair on Saturday (10am-1pm) at Willowhale Community Centre will raise funds for the garden.