Puppets used for preaching

Stephon Lunn
Stephon Lunn

PREACHING with puppets will help a new member of Westergate Methodist Church explain religion.

Lay worker Stephon Lunn uses the Muppets-style characters to break the ice when talking about matters to do with the church.

He also follows in his grandfather’s footsteps with some ventriloquism as well as parodying well-known songs such as Pretty Woman with Christian lyrics.

“It’s quite a challenge talking to people about the church,” said Stephon.

“The challenge is to get out and make the church relevant.”

Stephon, 40, is involved with a wide range of activities at the church on the A29. These include coffee mornings, mother and toddler groups as well as going into the community.

His religious roles began when he attended a Baptist college and stayed to work.

He switched to the Methodist circuit in Shropshire before he moved to Felpham with his wife and three children some six years ago because of family ties.

He worked as a lettings agent for five years until he re-joined the church.