Protests over extra house are rejected

HOTLY-DISPUTED plans for an extra house have been passed in spite of strong protests from villagers.

The proposals for the additional dwelling in Walberton threatened to disillusion residents, councillors were told.

Bill Treves told Arun District Council’s development control committee that Walberton was preparing its neighbourhood plan to set out its preferred vision for the future. Allowing the new detached house against the built up area boundary would go against the spirit of that community-wide effort, he said.

Cllr Treves, vice-chairman of Walberton Parish Council, said: “It would be really bad timing for a decision to be taken in favour of this development.”

A third of the village took part in the latest neighbourhood plan open day. Some 500 questionnaires out of 875 households had also been returned to show the high level of involvement.

“Our community is really, really engaged in this. What it does not need is to be shown that localism is just a sop and that their opinions and hard work count for nothing,” he said.

“This application clearly goes against the express wishes of our community.”

Walberton’s district councillor Norman Dingemans said the circular shape of the scheme contrasted with Walberton’s linear development.

The home is proposed for land behind the Holly Tree pub, where six houses were approved by Arun in 2013.

The committee backed developer Hanbury Properties by 10-1 to build the seventh house in the garden of a previously approved property.

Amanda Sutton, the company’s planning agent, said it had fulfilled its conditions under the previous approval of refurbishing the pub and giving £100,000 to the village hall.

“It became apparent when implementing their permission for six houses there was an opportunity to create an additional home to finish off the scheme. The house has been specifically designed to reflect the exterior appearance of the six recently constructed,” she said.