Problem of Bognor street drinking is highlighted

COUNCILLOR Roger Nash, Labour group leader on Arun District Council, has highlighted the issue of street drinking in Bognor Regis.

“Street drinking is fast becoming a scourge on the town,” said Cllr Nash at a recent meeting with prospective labour candidate for the new Sussex Police and crime commissioner, Godfrey Daniel.

Cllr Nash has reported that over the past few years and months, street drinking has reached epidemic proportions, with parts of central Bognor becoming problem areas for visitors, families and others.

“There is real evidence that this alcohol abuse problem is driving away local people to come and shop in the town as well as visitors to the town. I have personally seen letters written by shocked visitors saying they won’t be coming back anytime soon because of the crude and often anti-social behaviour displayed by drinkers on the streets,” added 
Cllr Nash.

Candidate for Sussex’s first Police Crime Commissioner, Godfrey Daniel added: “Dealing with those who abuse alcohol is one of my priorities and I intend to direct resources to help deal with this problem.”

Mr Daniel added: “We need to ensure residents, visitors and tourists can go about enjoying all that towns like Bognor Regis have to offer without being bothered by street drinkers.

“This is not just a policing issue, and Arun Distrct Council needs to listen to what Cll Nash has said and become more pro-active.”