Power cuts prompt checks for Bognor area

News. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150807-174836001
News. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150807-174836001

Scottish and Southern Electricity Neworks has apologied to customers in Shripney for the recent power cuts.

Last week ten customers in Shripney Lane were left without power for nearly seven hours.

A spokesman said the incident occured ‘when a tree came into contact with, and damaged, part of one of our nearby overhead lines’.

The power cut saw engineers attend just after 9pm on Tuesday (July 12) to carry out the necessary repairs and power was restored at 4.40am the following morning, according to the spokesman.

It came just days after 28 customers in Barn Lane experienced a power cut.

That incident, on Sunday, lasted for just over an hour and the spokesman confirmed properties in the wider area around Barn Lane may also have noticed a brief flicker in their power as a result.

They said: “This was also caused when a tree came into contact with the overhead network, we will shortly be carrying out a general inspection of our lines in this part of Bognor Regis to ensure that trees and vegetation are not growing too close to our equipment.

“We would like to apologise to our customers in Shripney Lane and Barn Lane for the recent power cuts.

“We want to do everything we can to give our customers the best possible service.”