Pony owner asks for help after theft

A YOUNG pony-owner has appealed for help after items were stolen from her pet’s field in Fontwell.

Steph Gibbons, 13, said the electric unit and battery were taken from the site between 6am last Friday and 4pm the next day.

The items were a Hotline Raptor 80 Energiser, worth £150, and a Bosch Heavy Duty 12V battery, valued at more than £100, a present from her grandad.

“We would like to raise awareness of this so as to alert people in the local area as well,” said Steph, of Middleton.

“We previously had our Halfords Leisure Battery, worth £110, stolen from our field around four months ago.”

The earlier theft prompted Steph to move the electric box and new battery to the top of the field where it was hard to see.

It was only visible after a five to ten minute look from the roadside where traffic can travel at up to 60mph.

“Recently, we had been putting our poo picker over it as well as we had realised the flash could be seen,” she said, adding the energiser and battery had her home postcode, PO22 7LZ, scratched on to the back of them in attempt to deter thieves.