POLL: Should Bognor town centre get a defibrillator?


The collapse of a woman in the high street last Wednesday has united residents and councillors in appealing for another defibrillator to be installed.

Paul Hague, who works at Cyrolab Ltd, in Station Road, witnessed the incident.

He said it highlighted the clear need for a defibrillator to be installed somewhere in the busy shopping area – the nearest is currently at The Regis Centre.

Paul added: “Only recently I saw a man collapse in the high street and he died. And now this woman.

“It brings home the necessity that a defibrillator should be readily available in the middle of town where

it’s busiest.

“It’s a no-brainer, really, and I’m sure everybody

would agree.”

Councillors, including Paul Wells and Jim Brooks, along with the town centre manager Toyubur Rahman, have voiced their support.

Mr Wells said: “There should be one at Morrisons and one in the town centre, they aren’t too expensive, either.”

Meanwhile Mr Brooks said: “I will be raising it with the town council to see if we can get something done.”

Many heart charities highlight the differences community public access defibrillators can make, with some estimating a device makes life-saving actions ‘ten times’ more effective.