West Sussex students call for climate change to be taught as a subject in schools


Calls by West Sussex students for climate change to be taught as a subject in schools have been put to Government ministers.

At a YouthStrike4Climate day last month, leader of West Sussex County Council Louise Goldsmith met with students on the steps of County Hall to listen to their concerns and ideas.

One request was for the county council to ask the Government to put the subject of climate change on the national curriculum.

This week Mrs Goldsmith has written to schools minister Nick Gibb asking him to consider the formal introduction of climate science as an integral component of the national curriculum.

Mrs Goldsmith said: “It was such a pleasure and privilege discussing climate issues with young people who really care and are worried about the future of our planet and the legacy that we will leave for future generations.

“I share the belief that strengthening the teaching of climate change and climate science should include not only the serious and existential challenge that the country and world faces but also what we can do, collectively and as individuals to help reverse the impact on our environment.”

She wrote to Mr Gibb on the day the county council launched a major new campaign asking West Sussex residents to pledge to making small but positive changes to their everyday lives.

To make the ‘West Sussex Climate Pledge’ visit the council’s website.

Other matters discussed with students included food packaging, cycle lanes, recycling bins, solar energy and emissions from factories.

Council officers and Mrs Goldsmith plan to meet representatives from the student group again later this summer to feedback on the Government’s response and to continue this important debate.