Tweak to seafront toilets confirmed

An artist's impression of the new seafront toilets which went before councillors last month
An artist's impression of the new seafront toilets which went before councillors last month

New promenade public toilet plans have been tweaked after councillors raised concerns last month.

Arun District Council’s application for an above-ground replacement for the dated underground facilities was deferred by the development control committee after issues from design to privacy were raised.

The council’s Bognor Regis regeneration sub-committee were told on Monday that a change had been made ahead of the plans being reconsidered.

The revision will see the toilet doors open facing the seafront instead of overlooking the road, which had prompted privacy objections from Esplanade Grande residents.

Councillors hoping for other major changes are set to be disappointed.

Denise Vine, Arun’s head of economy, said: “There are no design changes. We have gone through work with designers to come up with that design.

“The design is modern and contemporary as it will fit in with what we expect to see on the Regis Centre site in future.”

Development control chairman Ricky Bower wanted tweaks to come before the regeneration committee before going back to planning.

He said councillors had not had a chance to comment on the principle, while non-planning matters which his committee could not consider remained a concern of many.

Liberal Democrat councillor Paul Wells said: “It was a failure not to bring it before this committee at the start. Moving forward I would support Ricky.

“If it means calling a special meeting that is what needs to be done. There is a level of concern and I think that is the way forward.”

Hopes for a special meeting were dashed. Leader Gill Brown said: “We have already had a planning application so we can’t retract it. We have missed the opportunity of doing it before the application was put in.”

The plans will now return to development control for a decision at a later date.