Remembrance Day 2018: Honouring the World War One fallen from Bognor Regis 100 years after Armistice Day

To mark the centenary of Armistice Day and the end of the First World War, the Observer has compiled a list of names of those servicemen from the Bognor Regis area who lost their lives during the Great War.

Thursday, 8th November 2018, 9:34 am
Updated Thursday, 8th November 2018, 12:01 pm

The names were provided by the website.


AGER, Corporal Walter Thomas; BAKER, Company Sergeant Major Reginald John; BARRETT, Corporal Frank Alfred; BONIFACE, Stoker C L; CUSTANCE, Surgeon Gustavus William Musgrove; FREEMAN, Able Seaman Albert John; GATEHOUSE, Captain Richard Francis; HAMMOND, Rifleman Albert Henry; IDE, Private Jesse; KEATES, Private Ernest; MILLS, Sergeant Jesse; RICHARDSON, Private Frederick J; ROBERTS, Steward George Henry; ROGERS, Stoker 1st Class Albert Samuel; SAIGMAN, Able Seaman Jack J; SANDYS, Captain Mervyn Keats; SWAIN, Rifleman Alfred George; WOODLAND, Able Seaman Frederick William; YEATMAN, Private Albert Thomas

Bognor Regis war memorial. Pic Steve Robards SR1829094 SUS-180311-113157001


ARBEN, Private Walter E; BARRON, Lance Corporal Harry; BAXTER, Guardsman William Charles; BEAL, Fleet Paymaster Arthur Reginald George; BLACKMAN, Private Maurice Henry; BONIFACE, Sergeant John Charles; BURNAND, Private Edward; CHAPMAN, Captain Alstaire Hillyar Darby; CHINNERY, Captain Esme Fairfax; COOTE, Private J William; EDE, Private Sidney Arthur; FLETCHER, Lieutenant John Holland Ballett; GORDON, DSO, Lieutenant Colonel Bertram Georges Reginald; GORDON, Second Lieutenant Robert Charles Lowther; HAYES, Lance Corporal Arthur James; HEWITT, Private William Edward; HOCKHAM, Able Seaman Robert William; HOMER, Lance Sergeant Arthur Thomas; HOOD, Lieutenant The Honourable Maurice Henry Nelson; IDE, Private Benjamin Henry; IRELAND, Second Lieutenant William; IRISH, Able Seaman Cranson John; JONES, Private Arthur Edwin; KENT, Private Edward Wilfred; KING, Private George Herbert; KINGMAN, Private William Edgar; KNAPTON, Private Leonard Stephen; LITTLE, Private Robert John; LITTLECHILD, Gunner Frederick J; MAY, Quartermaster Sergeant John James; MERRITT, Private George Thomas; MERRITT, Private William; MILLS, Private George; NARRAWAY, Lance Corporal Stanley Cyril; OWEN, Second Lieutenant Arthur Adrian; PACE, Captain Henry Joseph; PACE, Lance Corporal Thomas Andrew; PARKER, Private Ernest; PARSLOW, Stoker 1st Class Joseph; PATTEN, Private James; PERRY, Private Cyril Ernest; RAYNER, Second Lieutenant George Biddulph; SCHRIEBER, Lieutenant William Edward Brymer; SNOOK, Private Byron; SQUELCH, Private Leonard; SQUIRES, Private James Edward; STRONG, Second Lieutenant Harold; VENUS, Corporal Thomas


ALLEN, Petty Officer 1st Class Harry; BAILEY, Petty Officer Leonard; BAILEY, Private William Walter; BAKER, Private Harold F; BALE, Private Arthur Percy; BEER, Private Hugh Frank; BEGG, Private Robert James; BLECK, Second Lieutenant Evelyn Lewis; BONIFACE, Private James; BOOKER, Private Sidney John; BROWN, Private Sidney Edgar; BULBECK, Able Seaman William Henry; CAIGER, Lance Corporal Charles E; CARTER, Private William Thomas; DENYER, Private George J; DIBLEY, Private Herbert George; FARLEY, Stoker 1st Class Francis William; FARLEY, Corporal George Leno; FREEMAN, Able Seaman W A; FULLER, Private Peter; GARDNER, Private George; GEALL, Private Thomas Walter; GIBBS, Private William George; GRISEWOOD, Lieutenant Francis J M; GRISEWOOD, Captain George Maria Joseph Alphonsus; HACKETT, Private Albert; HAVILAND, Lieutenant John Doria; HELLYER, Petty Officer Stoker Henry; HORNIBROOK, Sergeant Cornelius G; HUMPHRYS, Second Lieutenant Leslie Palmer; HUMPHRYS, Second Lieutenant S F; JANMAN, Lance Corporal Albert George; JONES, Gunner Cecil Stanley; JONES, Private Ernest Alfred; KEATES, Private William Russell; LAMBERT, Private Harry James; LAMPARD, Lance Corporal Bernard George; LEMMON, Private Wilfred Arthur; LUCAS, Private Robert Henry; LUFF, Private Cecil; MARCHANT, Lance Corporal James; MATTHEWS, Second Lieutenant John Laurence; MAY, Lance Sergeant George Edward; MITCHELL, Private Arthur Thomas; MOORE, Chief Petty Officer Stoker Walter Louis; NEW, Lance Corporal John Edward; NEW, Company Sergeant Major William R; NEWBURY, Able Seaman Albert Ernest; NORRIS, Private Alfred Charles; NORRIS, Private William; OAKMAN, Private Sidney; PAICE, Lance Corporal Edgar William; PAIGE, Private Alfred Frederick; PAWSEY, Second Lieutenant Harold Charles; PATERSON, Sergeant Andrew; POWELL, Corporal Albert Edward; POWELL, Gunner Richard; PRIOR, Second Lieutenant Lewis Atkins; SCOTT, MM, Private Henry Charles; SHAWYER, Private Ernest Henry; SIMMONDS, Leading Seaman Walter Alfred; SKEITES, Private William James; SMITH, Private Albert; STONES, Second Lieutenant Thomas Frederick; STRUDWICK, Gunner Charles; TATE, Second Lieutenant Thomas Campbell; VERION, Lance Corporal George William Pratt; WADE, Able Seaman Edward Reginald; WALTERS, Private Herbert Edwin Thomas; WARDLEY, Company Quartermaster Sergeant Bernard Samuel; WATSON, Lance Corporal Charles John; WELLFARE, Leading Stoker Thomas William; WHITE, Rifleman Cyril James Turner; WILSON, Lance Corporal Geoffrey Alfred; WILSON, Private Hubert Willoughby; YEATMAN, Sergeant William George


ABRAHAM, Private William Vernon; ASHCROFT, Gunner Edward E; BACON, Private Charles; BEALE, MM, Sergeant Alfred William; BEER, Private Frank; BENHAM, Private Harry Charles; BISHOP, Private Thomas Humphrey; BROOKS, Corporal Frederick John; BROWN, Gunner Henry George; BROWN, Rifleman Horace Raymond; BUTTERS, Corporal Frank Henry; CARTER, Private James Harry; CASS, Stoker 1st Class Wilfred Augustine Stanfield; CASSE, Lance Corporal Frederick; CHEAL, Private William Gordon; CONSTANT, Deck Hand Ernest Alfred; COURT, Lance Corporal William George; CREAGH, Lieutenant Reginald Simon Macnamara; DELL, Private Reginald Charles; DIBLEY, Private Wilfred; GILBERT, Private Thomas Edward Horace; GILLHAM, Second Lieutenant Reginald George William; GRIFFIN, Private Charles William; GROUT, Private Thomas; HEATHER, Private James; HOLE, Rifleman Thomas Harold Trewin; HOLDEN, Ordinary Seaman A; HOTSTON, Private Sidney Taylor; HUMPHRYS, Lance Corporal Basil Godfrey; IDE, Corporal Harry; JONES, Airman William; LAGGETT, Sergeant William; LEARY, Corporal Thomas Frederick; LEWIS, Trooper William James; LITTLECHILD, Private Edward George; MACKENZIE, Lieutenant Jack Ronald Lewis; MARNER, Able Seaman William John; MARSHALL, Lance Corporal John; MEDHURST, Private Frank; MEDHURST, Private Thomas; MITCHELL, Private William James; MUNDAY, Lance Corporal Albert Edward; NEWPORT, Private Christopher; NOVELL, Private Percival Reginald; POTTER, Petty Officer Stoker George; POWELL, Private Frank John; PRINCE, Private Henry Gordon; RICHARDSON, Private Ridley Gordon; REIKIE, Private David Thomas; RISHMAN, Private Albert; RUSTELL, Private William Douglas; SHARP, Driver Henry George; SHELLEY, Lance Corporal Thomas; SMITH, Petty Officer Stoker Robert; SPARSHOTT, Lance Corporal Cyril George; SQUIRES, Private Alfred Benjamin; SQUIRES, Private Hubert John; STERK, Private Harry B; STOWELL, Second Lieutenant Robert Cuthbert; THIRLWELL, Second Lieutenant Walter Houlden; TIPPER, Private William Henry; TWIBILL, Lance Corporal Reginald; WHITE, Private Arthur Albert; WHITE, Private Frank Henry


ALLEN, Rifleman Alfred George; ATTRIDGE, Rifleman Sidney George; BARTON, Lance Corporal Newman Henry; BENNETT, Private Albert Armand; BENNETT, Private R A; BISHOP, Able Seaman Herbert James Burt; BLACKMAN, Private Frederick J; BLISS, MM, Sergeant Charles James; BOWLEY, Private William; BRITTON, Sergeant William James; BROCKHURST, Private Thomas; CHAFFER, Rifleman Albert George; CONNOR, Lance Corporal Frederick; COSENS, Sergeant Frank; DAMPIER-CHILD, Lieutenant Commander (E) Thomas Henry Fielde; DINHAM, Private Henry James; EADE, MM, Private William John; FOX, Air Mechanic 2nd Class Albert Henry; GILL, MC, Captain 1st Battalion Kenneth Carlyle; GRICE, Lieutenant Harold George; HALE, Lance Corporal George James; HALL, Gunner William E; HAMMOND, Rifleman C Herbert; HARTMAN, Lieutenant C Herbert; HAY, Rifleman Harold Etherington; HOCKING, Sergeant James; HODGES, Lance Corporal Frederick George; HOMER, Lance Bombardier Charles; HOMER, Able Seaman Thomas; HUMPHREYS, Private Alfred George; JOHNSTONE, Major Henry Archer; JONES, Private William George; LANGRISH, Private Charles; LEARY, Private Percy George; LEE, Private Charles John; LEMMON, Private (Signaller) Frank Herbert; MINTORN, Private Richard Haynes Nelson; MISSELBROOK, Private Frank Henry; MISSELBROOK, Private Stephen; MONEY, Rifleman Arthur Edwin; MORLEY, Rifleman Harry A; MUNDAY, Private William Henry; MURRAY, 2nd Officer (Third Mate) George; NORRELL, Corporal Hugh; OLIVER, Second Lieutenant Harold Augustus Boyd; PAY, Sergeant F G; PEPPER, Captain Alwyn Taytn; POWELL, Private Walter; POWELL, Private William; REDMAN, Private H A; RUFF, Private Edmund John; SAGEMAN, Private Benjamin; SIMMONDS, Sapper Herbert Sidney; SKINNER, Second Lieutenant Ernest Henry; SNOOK, Gunner Arthur Henry; STONE, DCM, Regimental Sergeant Major Bernard Alfred; STONER, Lance Corporal Frederick Charles Richard; STRUDWICK, Private George; THORNTON, Air Mechanic 3rd Class E E; TITHERLY, Sergeant George; VERION, Corporal Horace F; WALLER, Private Leonard Henry; WALTERS, MM, Lance Corporal Frederick Thomas; WELCH, Private Frank; WHEATLAND, Corporal Reginald George; WICHELOW, Ordinary Seaman Thomas Charles John


BICKNELL, Lance Sergeant Frank; COOK, Petty Officer Telegraphist Henry Arthur; DAVIS, Lieutenant Douglas Stalman

No date available

ANDREWS, Sapper R T M; BAKER, Private W E; BARROW, Private H; BELL, Driver F M; BERNAND, Private Charles Henry; BROOKS, Private J; BROWN, Private A; BROWN, Private R; BURROWS, Private H; COOPER, Private C; COOPER, Gunner H J; CREIGHTON, Private William F; FARLEY, Private Arthur Frederick; FLEET, Private W; FOSTER, Sapper C; FRANKLIN, E K; FROST, Private F; GOODGER, Lance Corporal L G; GRISEWOOD, Seaman P; GROUT, Gunner F; HEATES, E; HENDERSON, Signaller C; JOHNSON, Private C; JOHNSON, Private L; KNIGHT, Private J H; LAMBERT, Able Seaman J; LEGGATT, Chief Petty Officer A M V; LEWIS, Private C R; LUCAS, Stoker E J; MILES, Private J E; OAKMAN, Private B; PENNEY, Able Seaman W; PINCHES, Staff Sergeant H; RICHARDS, Able Seaman; RICHARDSON, Private R J; ROE, Private H; SALMON, Private A; SMITH, Able Seaman Bobs; STANLEY, Gunner C; STOWELL, Second Lieutenant Wilfred; SYMES, Lieutenant W; TADD, Private W J; THORNTON, Lance Corporal V O; TOWERS, Gunner A E; WAY, Private A G; WHITE, Private A V; WILLIAMS, Lance Corporal A; YOUNG, Sergeant G F


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