Planning applications submitted to Arun District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Arun District Council between September 17 and 24.

Friday, 24th September 2021, 10:31 am

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Arun District Council website.


AW/309/21/HH: 21 The Drive. Erection of single storey side extension, front porch extension, installation of 2 x juliet balconies, alterations to fenestration and new front access gate following the demolition of existing conservatory. This application may affect the character and appearance of the Craigwell House, Aldwick Conservation Area.


AW/312/21/T: 31A Aldwick Gardens. Crown lift 1 No. Sycamore tree (T-444) to a max 3.6m above the ground.

AW/310/21/T: Trotyn Croft, Aldwick Felds. Crown lift 1 No. Common Lime tree to maximum 2.75m.

AW/319/21/T: 1 Craigweil Manor. 1 No. Holm Oak tree (T1) - reduce height to 14m North tree only and removal of deadwood/storm damaged branches. 2 No. Poplar trees- reduce height to 9m and radial spread to 4.5m and trimming of wind burnt/storm damaged branches to tidy.


A/193/21/L: Dormouse Cottage, The Square. Listed building consent to remove existing stud wall in breakfast room and return wall to its original position to with a new stud wall to form a new shower room (including toilet and basin).

A/197/21/PL: Stitches And Frames, The Square. Change of use of vacant retail shop to restaurant to include the installation of new kitchen extraction system, AC condensers, new windows, awning, planters. This application affects the character & appearance of the Angmering Conservation Area & is in CIL Zone 2 (Zero Rated) as other development.

A/198/21/A: Stitches And Frames, The Square. 1 No externally illuminated fascia sign & 1 No non illuminated hanging/projecting sign on front elevation.


AB/114/21/HH: 5 Pearson Road. Erection of single storey rear extension and front porch extension following the demolition of existing front porch and detached rear shed/store.


BE/144/21/HH: Littledene, Barn Lane. Erection of single storey garden room in rear.

East Preston

EP/104/21/HH: 8 Selhurst Close. Conversion of garage to habitable use, new garage & single storey extension to West elevation.


FG/142/21/PL: Land North of Highdown Vineyard (Formerly McIntyre Nursery), Littlehampton Road. Change of Use of the land for the storage of building materials; 2 no. proposed storage containers and 2.4m high Pallisade or Paladin Fencing (coloured green) to perimeter with access gates. This application is a Departure from the Development Plan.

FG/163/21/PL: The Chalet, Littlehampton Road. Development comprising of marine workshop & boatyard, martial arts gym (Class E) & storage container compound (Class B8) to replace former glasshouses. This site is a Departure from the Development Plan & is in CIL Zone 3 (Zero Rated) as other development.

FG/166/21/T: 11 Grange Park. Fell 1 No. Horse Chestnut (T1).


F/15/21/HH: 7 Beagle Drive. Conversion of garage to habitable use and alterations to fenestration/openings.


LU/260/21/HH: 49 Northway Road. Erection of first floor rear extension.

LU/276/21/PL: Fort Road Garage, Fort Road East, Wick. Demolition of existing storage structure, proposed 2 storey commercial building class B1 and B8. This application is in CIL Zone 4 (zero rated) as other development.


R/230/21/DOC: Elm Cottage, 30 The Street. Approval of details reserved by condition imposed under ref R/305/18/L relating to Condition No 3 - materials, finishes and joinery.

R/222/21/HH: 42 Pigeonhouse Lane. Single storey rear extension and hip to gable loft conversion with 2 x dormers following the demolition of existing rear conservatory.

R/229/21/T: 38 The Street. Fell 1 No. Purple Plum tree and 1 No. Holm Oak tree.

R/231/21/HH: 33 Tennyson Avenue. Single storey rear extension.


WA/85/21/T: Myrtle Cottage, The Street. 1 No. Hazel tree (T1) - Crown lift to approx 2.4m and Crown thin by 15%. 1 No. Holly tree (T2) - Crown reduction to height 4.5m and spread 2.5m. 1 No. Bay tree (T3) - Crown reduction to height 4.5m and spread 2.5m. 1 No. Magnolia tree (T4) - Crown thin by 15% and 1 No. Maple tree (T6) Crown thin by 15%.