Parties have their say on why they would be good for Bognor Regis – Labour

The Observer asked the main parties to explain why they would be good for the town, second up, Labour.

‘The record of Labour councillors in Bognor Regis is one of which to be proud.

‘They were the driving force behind the creation of the highly successful Town Force more than ten years ago and were instrumental in pushing for and finally getting the first Home Zone in West Sussex, situated in Gravits Lane and Ivydale Road. 

‘In addition, the `Labour led` Town Council from 1999 to 2003 kept rate increases very small, led a successful council re-organisation, introduced a very effective marketing department and made the voice of the town heard where it mattered. 

‘But we want to do more if local voters give us the chance. 

‘Firstly, the town centre shopping area has sadly declined over the last few years – that`s why successful regeneration including a free parking scheme is so important in trying to attract shoppers back into Bognor Regis.

‘There needs to be a resident’s discount scheme developed and we need to encourage and promote tourism as much as we can, plus attract more quality employment.

‘We think there should be an alcohol street drinking ban within the town centre, enhanced neighbourhood policing and an effective enforcement of the 20mph zone in the north of the town. 

‘We think that street cleaning needs to improve and would look at Bognor`s Town Force spearheading this.

‘Bognor desperately needs more affordable housing and we will support any sensible proposal that allows local people to get a decent home of their own.

‘Finally, we believe the Bognor Regis area should have its own council so that decisions are more local and residents are involved in helping make these decisions. Witness the fiasco of the Asda planning application which shows that Arun is too remote.’