Organisation of Bognor Brexit protest criticised

Picture by Karly Rebecca Grant
Picture by Karly Rebecca Grant

The organisation of an apparent Brexit protest has been criticised by some Bognor Regis residents.

Three protesters are said to have arrived outside Bognor Regis town hall on Clarence Road. According to comments from residents on social media, the protest was for a People's Vote.

More than 1million people marched in London on Saturday (March 23) for a People's Vote.

Karly Rebecca Grant, who posted the photo said: "Well, I don't think there was much thought into the organisation of the protest which was a shame as I would have enjoyed watching. Bognor Regis doesn't need a protest, we already had a referendum and the country voted out.

"Although Theresa May has made one huge mess of Brexit, until another referendum or general election then the outcome for Brexit should still be going ahead."

Police are also pictured at the scene.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: "We were made aware and called by on routine patrols. All peaceful and nothing needing police attention."