‘Keep us safe, clean and preserve green spaces’ say Bognor Regis residents

Keep us safe, keep us clean and keep our parks, the residents of Bognor Regis have told their councillors.

The results of comprehensive surveys for Arun District Council showed people wanted the basics done well.

The most important services highlighted were weekly refuse collections as part of cleansing services at 94 per cent, parks and green spaces at 96 per cent and funding the anti-social behaviour team at 98 per cent.


Nigel Lynn, the council’s chief executive, said the consultations took place among all age groups last summer and autumn and again last spring.

Workshops for councillors were also held during that period.

“Safety, cleanliness and parks are the three areas coming through very strongly they want us to provide good value, quality services for the future,” he said.

But work remained to be done in increasing the use of the council’s website.

This would save money because of the lower cost of internet transactions compared to phone and face-to-face encounters.

The value of the more personal approach would always be recognised, however, with staff at Bognor Regis Town Hall to deal with visitors.


The intention was for the strategy with the priorities based on the consultation to be brought back to the cabinet next January for approval.

It will be put before all councillors the following month for their backing and take effect from April 2013.

The surveys were conducted through Arun’s Wavelength residents’ panel, its Arun Times and website.

They also showed greater support for generating income that didn’t cost most residents more.

These included advertising on the council’s website and offering green burials.

They included increasing the council tax paid on second and empty homes.

The most popular proposals for saving money were for the council to support other organisations to provide cultural and heritage activities and venues and getting more value for its contract with Inspire Leisure for leisure services.