Felpham residents’ group in jeopardy over lack of support

A Felpham residents’ group is to hold a make or break meeting.

The future of the Snook’s Corner Community Group will depend on the session in about three months.

Member Steve Streeter will host the event to find out if enough people want the group to continue.

Past chairman Fred Parsons said: “It will be a case that, if people want a local community group, then they have got to support it.”

Failure to generate enough support is likely to see the group fold at a final, formal meeting.

Mr Parsons stood down as the chairman at the community group’s annual general meeting last week after 12 years in the role.

“I’m sad the group could be coming to an end,” he said.

“We have had a high level of credibility. We have achieved a lot and some substantial things as well.”

The meeting was attended by just three committee members, with several apologies for absence, and two members of the public.

It was a far cry from the heated occasions in the years after the group’s launch in 1992, when hundreds of people would pack local halls.

The group started to promote Neighbourhood Watch but soon expanded to tackle other matters of concern.

Some of these involved Butlin’s and the disturbance caused to those who lived opposite its eastern boundary and the controversial plans for a funfair in 1994.

“Over the years, we had a great deal of conflict with Butlin’s which has died down with the changes they have put in place,” said Mr Parsons.

“Our neighbour, Butlin’s, is now less of a worry to local people since the staff quarters were moved and nuisance and noise levels lessened.”

The group also grew to incorporate the Friends of Longbrook who are dedicated to helping to protect the seafront open space which separates Butlin’s and the housing around Snook’s Corner.

This activity has seen various improvements made to Longbrook.

They began with the installation of a trim trail in 2001 and included improvements to the park’s bridge over the Aldingbourne Rife.