Extra space planned at Bersted community centre

Bersted Parish Council wants to extend Bersted Jubilee Hall
Bersted Parish Council wants to extend Bersted Jubilee Hall

PLANS have been revealed to create extra space at Bersted Jubilee Hall.

Bersted Parish Council wants to build an single storey extension at the rear of the community centre.

It has asked Arun District Council for planning permission for the £50,000-plus scheme at the Chalcraft Lane site.

The hall was officially opened by the parish council on August 10, 1985, and consists of a main meeting place for 80-90 people, a small kitchen, an office and toilets.

Stephen Jupp, the parish council’s planning agent, says in a statement: “The proposed extension will comprise two parts - a store for the storage of maintenance equipment for the field and, secondly, a meeting room.

“At present, machinery storage is achieved through the use of a lorry container which is sited to the south of the hall. It is intended that this will be removed upon completion of the extension.

“Secondly, the only useable room in the building is the actual hall.

“This means that, if the parish council have a meeting, then the hall cannot be rented out.

“To remedy this, it is proposed that the other half of the extension will comprise a meeting room.”

The proposed extension will be 69sq m compared to the existing hall’s 300sq m. The 15 parking spaces will stay unchanged.