Debate to be held on Bognor ice rink proposals

Arun District Council
Arun District Council

A public debate is to be held to compare the benefits of Bognor Regis Civic Society’s ice rink proposal with Arun District Council’s Linear Car Park proposal.

The society is inviting all councillors to attend the meeting, on a date to suit councillors’ diaries to enable as many as possible to attend.

Its 2,479 signature petition to the council for a multi-use entertainment and ice rink complex to be included in the council’s regeneration plans was recently turned down but the proposal, now titled the Bognor Regis Pavilion, has received ‘wide and enthusiastic’ support from residents.

Hugh Coster, society deputy chairman, “Many people are asking why Arun plans to spend £4million on re-arranging a car park, yet rejects a proven attraction which has shown it can bring thousands into the town on a repeat basis all year round.

“With ice skating over the Christmas period and multiple other entertainment uses for visitors and residents throughout the rest of the year, the Pavilion has to be way ahead of mere gardens in terms of attracting the paying public into the town.”

The society is concerned that Arun has failed to fully explain why it favours the Linear Park over the multi-use Pavilion and has emailed all councillors inviting them to participate in a public debate which will help Bognor residents understand this.

“We sincerely hope councillors will show their respect for Bognor residents by attending and giving as much information as possible,” said Mr Coster, “particularly as we have council elections coming up next May.

“This could be a decisive issue and everybody will wish to hear where councillors and candidates stand on the matter. This is a key decision for the future of the town and it is simply not good enough for decisions to be made by the council in secret meetings as has happened so far.”

The society will make public the list of those attending, together with the date of the debate for residents to attend.

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