Changes to parking at Bognor Regis retail centre

Arun Retail Park (photo by Google Maps Street View)
Arun Retail Park (photo by Google Maps Street View)

A number of changes to a car park at a Bognor Regis retail centre are planned.

An application for minor alternations to spaces, new pedestrian links and other physical works at Arun Retail Park off Shripney Road has been approved.

There will be two extra parking spaces providing 254 in total.

The reconfiguration ‘is considered to improve both pedestrian and car movements in and around the site’, according to Arun District Council officers who approved the application.

They added: “New soft landscaping will also provide a direct path for access between the two sections of retail park.”

The plans include the installation of dropped kerbs to facilitate new pedestrian walkways and crossings, achange of surface material to block paving, new crossings with road markings and a hatched zone and the removal of a trolley bay.