Blanket 20mph speed limit could be introduced in parts of Bognor Regis

A blanket 20mph speed limit could cover most of Felpham parish
A blanket 20mph speed limit could cover most of Felpham parish

A scheme to cover most of the roads in Felpham by a blanket 20mph speed limit could be approved next week.

The new traffic regulation order (TRO) would cover the entire parish apart from main roads, private roads and those playing a more significant role in the network.

The proposal comprises the introduction of a village wide 20mph limit, two pairs of speed cushions to help moderate speeds where they are highest in Summerley Lane and a short section of double yellow lines in Felpham Way.

Whilst the majority of roads in Felpham are included in the order, roads such as Felpham Way, Flansham Park, Flansham Lane, Upper Bognor Road and Middleton Road play a greater role in the highway network and will therefore generally remain 30mph.

It is estimated that the cost of implementation will be £50,000 and will be funded from developer contributions.

A consultation on the proposals was held in February, with 12 objections and eight letters of support received, with the main concern value for money.

According to officers; “Whilst existing average speeds are already relatively low, the proposal is intended to reinforce existing driver behaviour which should benefit all road users and primarily residents in this locality, and also to help cyclists and pedestrians feel safer.”

A report describes how police have confirmed they will be unable to deploy resources to enforce the limit or a regular basis but the scheme is ‘designed to be largely self-enforcing’.

A final decision is set to be made by members of the joint western Arun area committee on Wednesday June 19.

Officers are recommending the scheme be implemented.