Arun Greens: Key challenge to mitigate damage threatened by destructive local plan

Green Party members
Green Party members

By Chichester and Bognor Regis Green Party

The Green Party is delighted to be standing candidates in wards across the district. For too long our council has been dominated by one party, and this must be changed.

Our key challenge is to mitigate the damage threatened by the council’s destructive Local Plan, which is set to flood the area with swathes of housing over farmland and sites of importance for wildlife.

The controversial and badly thought-through proposed new A29 route will cause havoc for existing residents and bring thousands more cars to local roads. This is happening alongside West Sussex County Council’s announcement of more cuts to bus routes and public services. Your Green candidates will fight for transport solutions that do not force everyone into cars, adding to the existing congestion and pollution on our roads.

Residents may be surprised to learn that Arun District Council does not have anyone publicly responsible for the environment – Greens mean to change this. We will push for accountability across all departments to be co-ordinated by one person.

This is crucial in the light of the Climate Change emergency that is being declared nationally. We need policies that cut the use of fossil fuels; policies such as the use of sustainable energy, home insulation and public transport.

We will also promote the development of community services so that the people who live in the area are adequately supported. We will fight for playing fields and green spaces, including orchards and allotments so that more food can be grown locally. We will ask for a think tank on the reduction of plastic waste, and more efficient recycling services, including food waste. We need our council to step up and take the lead on improving our environment, and in order to do this we need Green councillors.

This piece is part of a series where all the major parties were invited to share their priorities for the district in the lead up to the Arun District Council elections.

Polling day is Thursday May 2.