Arun District Council's response to Linear Park concerns 'missed out essential facts' according to a Bognor Regis town councillor

A Bognor Regis town councillor has criticised a response from Arun District Council calling it 'yet another rehash of the same old spin'.

Liberal Democrat Matt Stanley has been vocal objector to the controversial plans to regenerate the Sunken Gardens as part of Arun District Council's plans for a Linear Park.

Councillors Jan Cosgrove and Matt Stanley at the Sunken Gardens

Councillors Jan Cosgrove and Matt Stanley at the Sunken Gardens

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Councillor Stanley said: "I was very disappointed to read the report supposedly including Arun District Council’s response to the fact they are not listening to residents concerns about the Linear Park. All I read was yet another rehash of the same old spin and the same old misleading statements, which has conveniently missed out some essential facts.

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"Firstly the results of the 2015 consultation which are constantly referred to did not include the removal of the Hothampton Sunken Gardens. The 2015 report is solely focused on the Car Park, the community have never been consulted on the removal of the gardens. The community also said they did not want residential development or a reduction in parking spaces, both of which Arun District Council are proposing.

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"Secondly looking at the responses of the 2017 consultation which Cllr Mrs Brown said 'was not intended to be a choice on the park happening or not – that decision had already been made.' When asked the question "The proposal is for a high quality, public park with a leisure and cultural focus. Is this something you would use and what are your views about this as a proposal?" Only 19 people answered positively.

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"Arun District Council have absolutely no evidence of any public support for this scheme. They have a vast amount of evidence the community have rejected this scheme. If they are listening to residents as they claim I look forward to them taking action on what they have heard."