Police warning after shed breaks across Bognor Regis

Police appeal
Police appeal

POLICE are advising residents to secure their sheds and garages after outbuildings were broken into in the Bognor Regis area over the weekend.

A property in Giles Close in Yapton had its shed broken into during the early hours of Friday (25 April) but nothing was believed to be stolen.

During the same period a red mountain bike was stolen from a shed in Highfield Road, Bognor.

PSCO Michelle Davies said: “Sheds and outside storage areas are often overlooked by occupiers when securing their property but often contain high value equipment such as powertools, lawnmowers and cycles.

“We advise people to postcode or mark all property using ultraviolet pens. Consider installing shed and garage alarms and these can be purchased at a low cost from local hardware stores.

“Use good quality close shackle padlocks as these cannot be easily levered or cut.

“Inside the shed or garage, chain items to large heavy objects. If you have nothing heavy fill a bucket with concrete and, using a masonry fixing, chain your items to this.

“We are committed to catching criminals and making your area a safer place to live.

“The information we receive from you and your neighbours plays a huge part in enabling us to do that. No information we receive is ignored; we will use it to develop the bigger picture and when the time is right we will take action.

“If you can provide any information about criminals who live in your area or wish to report a crime, please call Sussex Police on 101 or report it online at www.sussex.police.uk.”