Police tell drivers to buckle up

Police car
Police car

Police are cracking down on motorists failing to wear seatbelts across Sussex.

Officers are carrying out enforcement checks across the county this week to catch drivers refusing to obey the law.

Sussex Police’s Road Policing Unit is running the campaign alongside a TISPOL Europe-wide campaign and in conjunction with Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.

Last year Sussex Police issued 4017 fixed penalty notices to motorists who were spotted behind the wheel while either themselves or one of their passengers did not have a seatbelt on.

Drivers are responsible for ensuring that any children in their vehicles are wearing seatbelts.

Superintendent Natalie Moloney, the head of the Road Policing Unit, said: “People who drive without wearing a seatbelt put themselves at risk if they are in a collision or even if they only have to stop suddenly.

“Passengers who do not belt up face suffering catastrophic injuries if there is an accident or could even hurt or even kill someone else in the car because of the force with which they are thrown forward.

“Many of those who don’t bother to wear a seatbelt do so on short journeys, such as taking their children to school.

“Failing to belt up puts not only yourself at risk but also endangers your loved ones.”