Police plea not to fall foul of scammers

POLICE have warned residents across the Bognor Regis area to be on alert to bogus callers.

The latest scam sees residents telephoned by someone claiming to be from the Ministry of Justice, they are then told they qualify for a refund on payment protection insurance (PPI).

In order for the claim to be processed the scammer will ask the victim to pay a percentage of their payout up front and that this should be in the form of UKASH vouchers.

They then send a courier to attend the home address of the victim and collect the vouchers or access the code for these vouchers in order to claim the money.

The scammers may call on more than one occasion and will be persuasive or persistent.

They may also suggest people call them back in order to prove their identification.

To date there have been three reports of this particular method with one in Bognor on May 20 when £240 was stolen.

Detective Inspector Jim McKnight said: “These are wicked crimes that target some of our most vulnerable people.

“The impact on the victims is not only a financial one but can also have detrimental effect 
on confidence and physical wellbeing.

“The contact between the victim and the criminal can be a one-off or can be very regular covering days and weeks.

“Please be aware of any signs of this or similar activity taking place – bring it to a halt and contact the police who will investigate the matter whilst providing advice, and assistance.”

Contact police on 101 or email 101@sussex.pnn.police.uk if you think you have been a victim of this sort of crime.