Plea for more views to be considered for 20mph zone

Picture by Louise Adams C131537-5 Bog Felpham ENGSUS00120131116171223
Picture by Louise Adams C131537-5 Bog Felpham ENGSUS00120131116171223

A CALL for wider consultation on a proposed 20mph speed limit has been issued.

Middleton resident Hugh Coster said many residents had an interest in the plan for Felpham’s roads, not just those who live in the village.

“We should all be consulted about this, not just Felpham’s residents,” he said at the joint western Arun area committee.

“It’s not about drivers just passing through Felpham. We know a lot of people in Felpham and we do use roads other than the main ones.

“The consultation should have been widened to everyone in the area.”

West Sussex County Council has asked Felpham’s residents for their views about the plan to lower the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph in their residential roads.

This could be achieved by various methods such as signs or traffic calming.

The cost of several hundred thousand pounds will come from the developers of Site Six – 700-plus homes.

Felpham Parish Council chairman Paul English told the committee: “The lower speed limit will not affect the main roads through Felpham.

“It’s for the residential roads within Felpham. This a good opportunity to help people feel safer within the residential area.”

He pointed out the county council was holding a second consultation event at St Mary’s Centre last Saturday.

Meanwhile, Felpham area resident James Ware has called upon opponents of the proposed zone to make use of the final day of consultation.

The deadline for comments is tomorrow. Mr Ware has set up two websites which set out his views about the matter backed up by information he has found during his research. They are: and

He told the Observer: “I am concerned about the misuse of the 20mph powers given to local authorities.

“I am not convinced it would be beneficial to the area and could potentially drive people away from the small local businesses in the village as well as increasing fuel costs to all around private individuals and businesses alike. That’s just two of the many aspects.”

Email comments about the planned zone to: