Plans unveiled for reduced speed limits on the Manhood Peninsula

Road safety campaigners are welcoming county council plans to impose 30mph and 40mph speed limits on roads across the Manhood Peninsula.

The main proposal is to reduce the national speed limit at Piggery Hall Lane and Church Road in the Witterings to 30mph.

But as part of the same Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) speed limits on several roads in Sidlesham, Birdham, Earnley and the Witterings are also to be reduced.

Chairman of Sidlesham Traffic Action Group Adrian Lochhead said: “The majority of people would like to see the speed limits reduced. But it’s only effective if it’s enforced.

“Some of these roads already have temporary 30mph limits. People ignore the speed limits as they do everywhere else. It’s a good idea if they can make it happen. It’s better than raising the speed limits.”

Christopher Bayley, chairman of the Manhood Peninsula Road Safety Group said: “It is all very well the county council bringing in these speed limits, but they are useless if they are not enforced.”

The proposal is made under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. The 30mph speed limit will be introduced on the length of Piggery Hall Lane and Church Road from a point 50 metres north of its junction with Church Farm Lane, northwards to a point 272 metres north of its junction with Briar Avenue.

Under the same order several other roads across the Manhood Peninsula will have 30mph and 40mph speed limits introduced.

This includes Batchmere Road in Earnley and Sidlesham Lane in Birdham.

A copy of the plans can be inspected at West Sussex County Council, County Hall, Chichester and at the public library, Oakfield Avenue, East Wittering.