Petition launched to save Oving traffic lights

End of the road for the Oving A27 crossroads?   Photo Louise Adams  C121680-1 Chi Oving Lights
End of the road for the Oving A27 crossroads? Photo Louise Adams C121680-1 Chi Oving Lights

OVING Parish Council has launched a campaign to prevent the removal of traffic lights on the A27.

Campaigners for Leave Our Lights Alone (LOLA), say the B2144 provides a ‘lifeline’ for people getting in and out of the city.

Parish council vice chairman Sjoerd Schuyleman said residents and businesses in the area are ‘violently against’ the removal of the lights at the Oving crossroads as part of the Shopwyke Lakes proposal.

Cllr Schuyleman said: “We have had several parish meetings in the village.

“The overriding issue from parishioners and businesspeople is they are violently against the proposed closure of Oving traffic lights.”

He added: “It’s not just a fanatical smaller group. We feel as a parish genuinely responsible to the needs of the people who live and work in the parish.”

As well as people in the village, those travelling from Bognor Regis into Chichester via the B2144 may be affected.

“Do people from Bognor who come up know it’s going to be closed?” asked fellow councillor Liz Smith.

“It’s going to affect you if you go to Chichester and use this road.”

She raised concerns traffic would divert through Oving to escape rush-hour tailbacks on the A259 at the Bognor roundabout.

“The exit road is a lifeline,” she said. “We will get more and more traffic coming through our roads.”

Westbourne House School bursar Andrew Wilkinson added: “We have been supporting Oving Parish Council and we have been talking to the Highways Agency, the district council and county council to say we don’t think it’s a good idea to close the crossroad.”

A spokesman for the Highways Agency said it was broadly satisfied with the proposals, which would include changes to the A27 Oving junction.

A spokeswoman for Hanbury Properties, the developer behind Shopwyke Lakes, said the company had given particular regard to the safety and capacity restraints on the road, and had carried out a detailed consultation with West Sussex County Council and the Highways Agency.

She added the proposals would enable road safety enhancements and improve traffic free flow.

A petition is available at