Permission for soil recycling site refused

PLANS for a soil recycling site next to a cemetery in North Bersted have been quashed.

GR Ayling Skip Hire wanted permission to use land at Chalcroft Nurseries, off Chalcraft Lane, to sort waste into soil and hardcore for re-use.

But its application was unanimously rejected by West Sussex County Council’s planning committee.

It agreed the application lacked information and would have an unacceptable visual impact on the character of the area.

Council planner Chris Bartlett told Tuesday’s meeting objections from Arun District Council, Bersted Parish Council and residents had been received.

He recommended the plan should be rejected. “The benefit in allowing this application would only be minor. There is insufficient information submitted in the plans and it would have an unacceptable impact on amenities,” he said.

Chalcraft Lane resident Ivan Hollow spoke against the application. He said: “It is totally inappropriate to have this next to a cemetery and a garden of remembrance. It is essential this area is quiet and peaceful.

“The site is also close to a nursing home. The residents at this time of their lives deserve peace and quiet.”

An Arun District Council Bersted ward member, Ann Smee, said the site was ‘wholly’ unacceptable

“The entrance to the site is extremely restricted. When the dumper lorries go past, they can look into the windows of homes.

“This means they can see into bedrooms and living rooms, taking away privacy. As well as the noise and dust, this is unacceptable.”

County councillor for Bersted Simon McDougall agreed. He said: “Equipment will require those using it to wear ear defenders. Can you imagine how that noise will sound to neighbouring residents?

“The proximity to the cemetery is unacceptable. Chalcraft Lane is already overused. The access will not be big enough to get two lorries through side by side. It is an accident waiting to happen.”