Performers set to put on a good show

PERFORMERS will be staging the first of their 2015 town centre shows this Saturday.

The latest Bognorphenia event will take place in Bognor Regis. The free shows will last from 11am-4pm in a small marquee at the London Road precinct’s southern end.

Those taking part will be the Regis School, the RAFA Skiffle Band, acoustic soloist Ed Gibson with his own songs, Dream Dance member Chelsey Leah and Cheryl Anne Craven, a fellow acoustic soloist.

Kez Bridger, a founder of Bognorphenia, said: “We are ending the performances at 4pm instead of 5pm, which we originally went on to because the shops get quiet by then. We will be holding further events on February 28 and March 28 with the same finishing time.

“We will then look at restarting them in July and going on to October.”

For that second series, Kez expected the finishing time to revert to 5pm.

The concerts began last October, with the backing of town centre manager Toyubur Rahman.

Plans are also well advanced for Bognorphenia’s main event on the seafront in May.