Woman to shave her hair off to support Bognor initiative

Ceriy-Jayde Hammond
Ceriy-Jayde Hammond

An initiative started by a Bognor man to get people talking about mental health is set to benefit from a head shave challenge.

Ceriy-Jayde Hammond, who lives in East Wittering but whose home town is Bognor, is planning to have her hair shaved off to raise money for Guardian Angel.

The 22-year-old, who says she has had severe mental health issues in the past that she has worked through and that are less severe now and no longer affect her, set up a GoFundMe page to raise £400 to do the fundraiser.

So far she has generated more than £100, mostly from family, towards undertaking the challenge, which she hopes to do publically and with Guardian Angel founder Joee Nash doing the honours of shaving her hair off.

As the initiative is not a charity, money raised will be given as a donation to further his work and develop the project.

Speaking of the head shave, Ceriy-Jayde described it as a ‘big thing to do’.

“I like fighting against my mental health,” she said.

“I know I’m going to struggle with my confidence issues after my hair has gone but I’m going to fight against it.

She added: “Mental health is obviously quite a big thing for me – like it’s quite close to me – and I just can’t think of anything better to shave my hair off for.

“To me it’s just hair. Hair will grow back.”

She added: “I just think it is so much needed within this society to talk about mental health more, to know about it more and for it to be accepted more, I guess.

“A lot of people still see it as a weakness, still see it as something that they shouldn’t speak about, that shouldn’t exist, that they don’t have.”

Joee, 28, from Bognor, started the digital platform Guardian Angel around eight months ago.

To support Ceriy-Jayde’s head shave challenge, go to www.gofundme.com/zdds4-head-shave. To find out more on Guardian Angel, visit facebook.com/GAFaceB/