Wildlife officer criticises ‘callous’ driver who left young deer dying in Felpham road

A deer was hit in Felpham. Photo: Stock Image
A deer was hit in Felpham. Photo: Stock Image

A wildlife officer has spoken out after a motorist drove away after hitting a deer, leaving it ‘suffering’ in the road.

Jaine Wild, secretary of West Sussex Wildlife Protection, based in Littlehampton, said she was alerted to the incident on the Charles Purley Way in Felpham at 1am last Thursday (September 26).

She said that, luckily, two women had spotted the injured deer and alerted the authorities, but Mrs Wild fears it could have already been suffering there for some time.

When she arrived, she said: “The deer had a broken back and serious gouging to its rump.

“It was a massive injury, when I lifted it up I was covered in blood.”

She described the young deer as ‘no bigger than a large german shepherd dog’ and a ‘real little bambi’.

It was taken to Alphapet Vets in Westmeads where it was humanely put to sleep, she said.

Mrs Wild said of the incident: “It was horrendous, it was very, very sad. It upset me quite a bit.”

While she was used to being called out to similar incidents, she said: “That to me was the worst one.”

She believes the deer would have ‘done some damage’ to the vehicle on impact.

“Whoever hit it must of known, yet they drove away and left it still alive at the scene,” she said.

“Why would you leave an animal in that condition? It is callous and cruel.”

She urged people to be more sensitive.

“I just want people to know they shouldn’t hit deer and leave them lying like that,” she said.

“A quick call to the police would locate us and we could of got there faster.

“These creatures are peaceful animals and are struggling in our local environment to survive, with all the developments springing up around them, they need sympathy.”

Anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation should call the West Sussex Wildlife Protection on one of the numbers listed on their website.

Alternatively, they could contact the police who will alert the charity, she said. 
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