Tyler's Trust appeals for creative new ways to raise funds

A Barnham charity is appealing for new and creative ways of raising funds.

Thursday, 15th April 2021, 10:48 am

Tyler’s Trust, which offers support to local children with life threatening illnesses and their families, saw many of its usual revenue streams cut off during the pandemic with fundraising events unable to go ahead due to lockdown restrictions.

Now the charity is appealing for people to donate their artistic creations to bring a smile to people’s faces and help raise much-needed funds.

Fundraising officer, Juliet Stallard said: “A lot of Tyler’s Trust money is raised by the community but the community that has been able to raise all that money hasn’t been able to as much over lockdown.

Tyler Murphy and mum Jan Ellis

“If they want to create anything and send it to us then we will put it up for sale.

“Our last card appeal did very well and the best bit about it was the reaction from our families.

“They seemed to really enjoy the cards, which is exactly what we wanted them to do really.

“We understand that a lot of people haven’t got a lot of money to spare at the moment as people still have their Covid battles with job security, returning to schools – it is not the time to be asking people to give us £10 a month.

A 'heart' bracelet made in the iconic green of Tyler's Trust

“It gets them excited and gives them something to do – I think over lockdown people really found the makers in themselves.

“The kids have a lovely time making.

“It is empowering and it is a different way of bringing in that money.

“It gives people a purpose and it is rewarding for people to make something.

“We are embracing getting the community involved with us in whatever way they can.”

Anyone interested in supporting Tyler’s Trust and getting involved in this latest appeal can get in touch by emailing [email protected]