Team David run their own Bognor 10k during lockdown ten years after losing their loved one

A Bognor mum has been overwhelmed by the support of friends and family who have continued to fundraise in memory of her son, despite lockdown.

Tuesday, 19th May 2020, 3:00 pm

Gabbie Broadhurt lost her son David Green in 2010 at just 19 years old from a rare heart condition he was not aware he had.

Gabbie said, “David was an extremely active young man who had been involved in competitive sports from the age of eight. His great loves were hockey and football which he played for local teams throughout his life. He was a big spirited young man who would light up a room with his presence and would love to laugh and joke.

“David was playing football and hockey two days before he died. David followed his dad into the wooden flooring business when he left school, learning quickly the skills of floor laying and carpentry.


“He developed a passion for the business and was determined to bring his dad into the 21st century.

“At just 19 years of age David fell asleep and his heart just stopped beating. David had a heart condition that we were not aware of Brugarda syndrome which meant his heart just went into arrhythmia which caused sudden cardiac arrest. David never complained of anything that would have indicated that he had a heart condition.

“Since David’s death through the charity cardiac risk in the young we became aware that 12 young people in this country die from undiagnosed heart conditions with the majority being sport orientated youngsters like David.”

David’s friends and family have been determined to raise money for charity since his death.


Gabbie said, “We made it our mission as a family to raise money and awareness for cardiac risk in the young and fund local screenings for our young people in our community. David’s legacy has helped save young lived by identifying potentially life threatening conditions in other young people.”

Every year since 2011, his friends, who have formed a team called Team David, have run the Bognor 10k and this year they had decided it would be the last year as it would mark the ten year anniversary of David’s death.

The Bognor 10k was cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis but Team David refused to let that stop them completing their last challenge in memory of David.

Gabbie said, “We decided as a Team we wouldn’t let this stop us from running in David’s memory to raise money and awareness for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).


“Over the years we have raised money that has been used to heart screen 500 young people in our area and contribute towards a defibrillator in Aldwick.

“Team David ran the Bognor 10k from every runners hometown from Bognor to Chichester, Petersfield, Portsmouth, Southampton, London and Ireland.”