Residents launch petition to fight parking enforcement in Bersted

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ks190189-2 Bersted Parking Petition phot kate Residents angry about the new parking restrictions.ks190189-2 SUS-190204-222232008

Residents have launched a petition to fight the enforcement of £100 parking fines for parking on their own road in North Bersted.

The appeal to prevent parking enforcement measures in Bersted Park has already attracted 125 signatures since it was opened yesterday.

Jade Custerton, who started the petition, cited a letter to residents on behalf of Hobdens Managing Estates to say warning notices would be placed on all vehicles not on driveways or designated bays from April 1, with fines from May 1.

Letters about the fines to residents in homes managed by Southern Housing, dated March 29, apologised that a residential vote on the parking measures had not included those living in Bersted Park.

On the petition, Jade wrote: “Outright home owners have been missed, and those who are in shared ownership schemes (who still fund Hobdens) and council residents have not been given the opportunity to vote at all.

“We object to the way that parking restrictions will be enforced as we are concerned about the impact for potential property buyers and visitors.

“Whilst we are happy to come to a solution with Hobdens regarding parking issues, we are not happy that we were not given the opportunity to discuss this and are now being punished. We ask for a re-vote that is inclusive of ALL residents.”

Since the petition launched, numerous residents have made contact with this paper expressing frustration with the situation and backing the call for a re-vote on parking.
Aaron Fay said he was concerned that he could lose his job.
“It’s disgusting really,” he said. “I have a van my company insurance states has got to be parked outside my house or close proximity.
“If this comes into play, the van is going to have to be parked off the estate and my company won’t allow that.”

The letter to residents renting with the Southern Housing Group, sent on Saturday, stated that the vote on parking enforcement was in autumn 2018, but the housing group missed out Bersted Park due to issues with the home services manager being on sick leave.

It added: “Please accept our apologies that you were not included in the voting of the parking enforcement service.

“It is important to note that there are no changes in the parking rules of the development – the change is that the parking rules are now being enforced.”

One resident, who did not want to be named, told the Observer there were agreements on the homes when sold that included those parking rules and the fines were needed to stop unsafe parking issues. She said she had paid substantially more for a home with two parking bays.

Sasha Harrison, a home and property services director for Southern Housing Group said: “We recognise that parking on the estate is an issue that needs to be addressed. We’re sorry the decision to enforce the parking regulations was reached before our customers had the chance to have their say.

“We’ve contacted the managing agents for the rest of the estate to see if they can revisit the decision.”

Hobdens Managing Estates and Berkeley Homes have also been approached for comment.