Plans in the pipeline for Chichester Car Free Day 2020

Fresh plans to hold a car free day in Chichester are in the pipeline for next year.

Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 5:17 pm
Campaigner Mark Record's car free day idea has been supported by city councillor Sarah Sharp

This year’s event, due to be held on Sunday, September 22 — International Global Car Free Day — fell through because of safety concerns arising from threats of a protest from residents. Read more here

Outlining plans for a 2020 event, campaigner Mark Record said: “On Monday, November 4 at 7pm we are holding a Car Free Day presentation and discussion at the Chichester Bassil Shippam Centre.

“Everyone who is a councillor, a council officer, or member of the general public in the Chichester area with an interest, is asked to attend.

Volunteers Carley Sitwell, Debbie Carter, Ping Jiang and Helen Cato with the toys they were planning to bring to the car free day event in Chichester on Sunday, September 22.

“We are keeping plans for Car Free Day 2020 deliberately vague until they are decided at this community meeting. We will demonstrate there is wide support for an environmentally orientated community event in our city.

“Our aspirations for the event parallel many of the stated objectives of our local authorities.

“We hope our local councils will either seize the reins and lead the event themselves or alternatively lend us significant support in organising it ourselves.”

A section of South Street was due to be closed under a ‘Playing Out order’ to motorists between 12.30 and 3.30pm on September 22. The plans, initially given the go-ahead by Chichester District Council, were made as part of Mr Record and city councillor Sarah Sharp’s vision to trial a scheme inside the city walls one Sunday a month to make the city more safe.

However, following threats of a protest, the road closure licence was revoked by the district council, due to public safety concerns and, despite proposals to scale back the event, organisers were unable to get the licence reinstated on time.