Missing children and injured woman spark Selsey lifeboat call-outs

The Selsey RNLI inshore lifeboat was called to aid an injured woman and assist in the search for missing children yesterday afternoon (Saturday, June 1).

Sunday, 2nd June 2019, 2:30 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd June 2019, 3:30 pm
Photo: Selsey Lifeboat Station

According to Selsey Lifeboat Station, its first launch request came in at 3.11pm after the Selsey Coastguard team asked for lifeboat assistance in the search for a missing 7 year old at West Wittering beach.

As the lifeboat arrived on scene at 3.35pm, the child had already been found safe and well but, by this time, there was now another child missing.

A spokesman said the lifeboat stayed on scene until 3.41pm when the second child was also found safe and well.

Photo: Selsey Lifeboat Station

The lifeboat arrived back at station at 4pm and was made ready for the next call-out which came at 5.40pm, after the UK Coastguard had tasked the Selsey Coastguard team to an injured woman at Selsey.

A Selsey Lifeboat Station spokesman said: "The woman had slipped and injured her foot on the rock formations in place at the Bunn leisure holiday centre on the west side of Selsey.

"The Selsey RNLI D-class inshore lifeboat (ILB) crew were paged to evacuate the woman due to the location of the casualty. When the ILB arrived on scene the Helmsman and one crewman made their way on foot to the casualty.

"After speaking to the casualty and confirming she was happy and well enough to be taken by boat preparations were made for the transfer to the ILB."

Photo: Selsey Lifeboat Station

The Selsey Coastguard team was joined by the Littlehampton Coastguard and the stretcher was carried over the shingle and rocks to the ILB.

The spokesman added: "Once the casualty and a Coastguard officer were safely aboard the passage back to the lifeboat station commenced.

"The ILB arrived back at station at 6.40pm and the casualty was lifted out and carried up the beach and into the boathouse.

"At this stage the Selsey Coastguard leader had news from SECAmb (South East Coast Ambulance Service) that, as this was a cat three incident, the ambulance could be up to two hours so the woman was helped into her husband’s car for transportation to St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester."

Photo: Selsey Lifeboat Station